AnyFile (wix)

AnyFile lets you share and receive files from your website visitors.

Receiving files is a primary component to many companies. We add this to the power of Wix users. We have a free trial that you can renew as many times as you want. The renewal process is annoying and we could use the support so please upgrade if you find value here.

  • AnyFile does not store files encrypted at rest and is not suitable for HIPPA or other PII type concerns. AnyFile Private is coming soon and will enable these use cases.
  • You cannot charge individually for file access yet. AnyFile Shop will allow the sale of digital goods and services.
  • AnyFile AnyWhere is an initiative to plug AnyFile into workflow services. It is underway as well. Right now only an email is sent to both sender and site owner.
  • AnyFile also lets your visitors share files with each other. But that feature is really rough and kind of sucks.

Wix itself lets you share many files without a fee. It also lets you upload video, so if you want to share any of that data, please use Wix (it’s good!).


  • AnyFile is not for use as a piracy hub
  • AnyFile will not tolerate viruses
  • AnyFile is NOT suitable for PII! We abide by GPDR and if we see or hear of any PII, we delete it.
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