Latest News (wix)

Latest news shows up to the date news on your site based on any search term.

News is not an agency or site, it is a stream of consciousness directly connecting the minds of anyone who wishes to pay attention. A quick list of what news can be:

  • current events
  • new applications
  • articles written about your company

We do not filter what type of news gets displayed. We wish to allow the users to do that.

There are some limitations that you should be aware of:

  • Changing the headline of the news goes against the bing API usage. If you’d like to do that, use custom links and exert your control over your audience.
  • We do not filter for sentiment, yet.

We provide a tap to the stream of consciousness that is the bing news api. If you have a problem with articles not showing up, irrelevant images, etc, it’s likely on them. We are just the window. Come talk to us anyway in our realtime chat.

We take special precautions to be completely unable to know who does what with our platform. Your privacy is one of our biggest concerns on all of our products. We do not censor our users nor wish to have the ability to do so. Latest News is a toolkit not a moral battleground.

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